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Kitchen Worktops And More Available In Thurrock And Across London, Essex, Kent and Hertfordshire

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About SMG Surfaces

SMG Surfaces, established in 2004, carries a rich legacy that spans over half a century, harkening back to an era when the transportation of marble, granite, and other natural stones involved barges, and technical drawings were painstakingly etched onto colossal rolls of paper. These drawings, created by hand, bore the indelible marks of wet ink and the precision of a Stanley blade wielded as an eraser. Our origins are deeply rooted in craftsmanship and dedication, manifesting the foundational values upon which our company thrives. View our gallery and appliances for more information about our products.

Professional Services

High Quality

Tailored To Your Needs

Bespoke Kitchen Worktops

We work with a variety of natural and sintered stone to bring your kitchen to life. Whatever your requirements, we are here to help you achieve your dream kitchen.

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Bespoke Bathrooms

Get in touch today to create your bespoke bathrooms with stone walls, bath surrounds, vanities or even a sink completely made out of stone to match.

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Other Bespoke Elements

If you are looking for something truly unique and special, such as fireplaces, doorsteps, staircases and furniture, we have the facilities to help transform your vision into reality,

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Commercial Services

Enhance the ambiance of your commercial property with SMG Surfaces' marble and granite surfaces. Our craftsmanship and premium materials will redefine your reception area and other spaces. Our expert team ensures precision installation, guaranteeing a seamless finish that leaves a lasting impression. Choose SMG Surfaces to transform your commercial property into a sophisticated, inviting, and enduring space that reflects your commitment to excellence.


Read our glowing reviews below.

I used SMG for my Kitchen worktops and they were excellent! The customer service was great, Chris was really helpful and always contactable. The installers were very good. They had a big selection of products to choose from, the best selection that I have seen. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to people. I was very happy with the end result and will use them again in the future.


Upgrade Your Kitchen Today

At SMG Surfaces, we are among the select few companies that have a wealth of experience, expertise, and technical acumen necessary to undertake some of the most advanced, intricate, and challenging projects, not only in the UK, but across Europe as well.

The enduring success of SMG Surfaces is a testament to the unwavering passion, unyielding expertise, and pioneering vision of its owner and founder. However, the true cornerstone of our achievements rests in the extraordinary individuals who form the backbone of our organisation. We have carefully nurtured a culture of excellence and dedication that has consistently delivered sublime products held to exacting standards, all underpinned by exceptional customer service

Kitchen Interior with Island

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Our clientele place their trust in our capabilities, experience, and unwavering commitment, and we unfailingly meet and exceed their expectations. At SMG Surfaces, promises are not empty words; they are steadfast commitments that we consistently uphold.

Our steadfast adherence to our core principles has allowed us to forge an illustrious reputation for being unrivaled in our industry. We are, unequivocally, the epitome of excellence in our field. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to upholding these traditions of quality, precision, and service that have defined us throughout the years. In doing so, we continue to be the benchmark of excellence for the stone industry, pushing the boundaries of possibility and setting the highest standards for the future.

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Unit 3, 434, London Rd, Grays, RM20 4BS

Call: 01375 390597 or

         07421 141998

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